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Our mascot Nono Jr The Frenchie


Nono Jr The Frenchie

Meet Nono Jr The Frenchie, our cute, loving and funny French Bulldog. He melted our heart since the first day we met him, and it is a love story since then.
He is our biggest supporter, and he is one of the reasons why ProudlyPaw exists today.
He is our Mascot, our inspiration and motivation on everything we do at ProudlyPaw and in life in general.

He is our CMO (Chief Motivation Officer), CFO (Chief of Fun Officer) and CTO (Chief of Treats Officer)

Every purchase on ProudlPaw will go toward Nono's greater goal in life : treats, more treats and even more treats :-)
You can follow his adventures on his Facebook page Nono Jr The Frenchie.

Lionel - Founder and Owner at ProudlyPaw


Lionel - Founder of ProudlyPaw

French roots, I moved to California 10 years ago, after falling in love with USA during a business trip at eBay HQ.
I spent all my professional carrier in computer and Internet in various roles and responsibilities (IT tech, Maintenance, Software developer, Web developer, Online Advertising, Internet Marketing, Online Marketing, Manager, etc...).

The story behind ProudlyPaw


The story behind ProudlyPaw

Everything started back in December 2014, even if I didn't know it at the time, when my 14 years adventure at eBay Inc. (7 in Paris, then 7+ in California) came to an end. I really enjoyed the company, the work and most importantly all the talented people and friends I've met during the course of my journey at eBay.
After leaving, I decided to take a long break before re-entering the job market. Unfortunately, it came out that it was more difficult than expected, and started to wonder what I was going to do.
During years I've been exchanging photos of my best friends dogs (Bruno the rescued Frenchie and Zoe the Frenchie, both helping their veterans owners in their relief process), and at that time it helped me keeping up with the stress of being unemployed.

Then, in 2015, my best friend (she is like a sister) got a cute little French Bulldog puppy, and everything changed (you guessed it right, I'm talking about our Nono Jr The Frenchie ). I became his human daddy, and I was so proud I wanted to expose my love for him to the world.
This is when I decided that I will turn my life around (remember I was still unemployed) and create something totally dedicated to all crazy dogs lovers.

ProudlyPaw's mission


Our Mission

In our journey, I ended up with some key rules that will become the core of ProudlyPaw :

  • Be Different
  • We want to propose a variaton of artistic designs of dogs, on regular products that dog lovers will be proud to use and wear. We want to differentiate ourselves from all "all too common" designs seen everywhere.

  • Be Proud
  • At ProudlyPaw, we are not trying to compete against giant players, and we are certainly not going against competitors stocking cheap products from overseas to make big bucks.
    It has been the key foundation since ProudlyPaw's inception that everything we do must be local.
    This is why we are making all our deigns here in California; this is why we partnered with a company in Los Angeles area to exclusively handle, print, fulfill and ship all your orders.
    We are proud of our dogs, we are proud of showing off our love for them, and we are proud to make everything here in the US.

  • Give Back
  • This is the 3rd pillar of what we want to achieve at ProudlyPaw.
    Our experiences of being welcomed in a new country, being close to our veterans friends/family, seeing the healing power of a dog companion : all of these are deeply engraved into our heart, and the reasons why we need/want to give back in some ways, at our modest level. This is the right thing to do.

    • Making everything in the US is our way of giving back to the community, and have an impact, at our level, on helping US job market.
    • All sales of our Mascot Nono Jr products will go toward helping his human veterans family on their path to recovery.
    • We are currently working on establishing partnerships with animal rescue and K9 support organisations. We'll give you regular updates and we'll share the good news with you.
      ProudlyPaw won't exist without the love for animals, so helping them is the best thing we can do in return.

    Let's join us on our journey of showing off our love for dogs to the world.
    Let's build a strong and proud community of "PAWESOME" crazy dogs lovers and owners.





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